Why are some people more successful than others?

Have you ever wondered why some people have more success than others?


Have you ever thought what success looks like for you and whether you are there, or getting there, or on the right path??


Do you ask yourself – "What is success to me?"

To me, it is about you achieving something I believe worthwhile, where I feel fulfilled.

Each one of us would have our own definition. Take time to think about success and write down what it is to you.  There is power in writing down what you want!

We all need to be reminded that what we focus on grows. So if your success, like mine, is about achieving something worthwhile and feeling fulfilled – when you focus on achieving something useful, you will make choices that move you in that direction.  You will talk to yourself when a choice comes into your life with success in mind.  You will know what feels right and make decisions around these critical triggers.

Let your actions show who you are becoming and who you are.

What does success look like to you?

How will that feel?

What are you saying to yourself? 

Is your direction clear, or are you not sure?

Again, I ask you what success is to you?

When you have "success" defined, do you say to yourself “That's well and good although I feel like life is too busy and gets in the way of your success?” Would you like some assistance? 

You have to go with what is meaningful to you, be present at that moment and do your best at whatever level you are now. Focus, enjoy and have fun. When you do this, you will build neurological connections that will fire together, and by keeping that action going, you will form strong connections in those areas.

The reminder is that we are all here to the best YOU, you can be.

Tom Bilyeu made this video by interviewing people he considered successful. This video by Tom Bilyeu called "The Mindset of Successful People" which explores how the one per cent think.

Mindset of successful people


Tom Bilyeu, is the founder of Quest Nutrition and Creator of Inside Quest and CEO of Impact Theory. In his Impact theory business, he focuses on mindset-focused interviews showing what people think are the secrets of success.

Some key point's I got from The Mindset of Successful People video, to enjoy while you have a cuppa.

I have put them in groups to ponder each group before going onto the next –

 Agility and being able to be flexible with passion are important

 Take a snapshot of really good moments and remember these moments when times are tough. Focusing on the good changes the brain which changes the wiring

 Remember to breathe – need to slow down and take time to breathe

Now take time to consider these points. What ideas talk to you?


o Be grateful for what you have

o Complaining has no value. Let your actions dictate and take control of your life! You have to take steps

o Stop comparing yourself with others.  Why not start with what is in front of you and make that successful

o Start in the mindset of being the best you and make that meaningful!

Now take a moment to reflect these points. How do you feel about them?


*  If you always do your best, whatever your age you will get there

*  If you are a professional, you have to "do" regardless of whether you feel like it or not.  The trick is to keep your love and do your best each time!

*  Take time to learn your craft by talking with mentors and gaining excellent skills. Then focus on what you believe is success and work to become successful

More thoughts to review - do any resonate tor you?


What are you doing each day that is embodying success for you?

What are you doing today that is building towards the success you want in the future?

Do you have some limiting beliefs around what you believe you can achieve?

Contact me, and we can work through these together so you can become empowered to create your success


I hope you enjoyed what Tom put together on YouTube.

Additionally, for more thoughts on success, you could listen to Richard Koch audiobook on people who have had unreasonable success and how they are achieved it

Richard Koch


We need to think about what we want from this life?

Now is your time to make the most of the moments and make each day part of your success…

What if you count on yourself, trusted yourself more and therefore became more successful?

Any questions just contact me and remember what you focus on grows so why not focus on what success is for you…