Intimacy creates super lovers

Do you really want a more meaningful relationship?
Then learn how to be more intimate ....
My last newsletter about sleep with physical loving being one of the ways to create better sleep created a lot of discussion around the difference between sex and intimacy.
One area that was highlighted was that for most females, we are looking for intimacy in a relationship whereas blokes view intimacy as more sex
There is a whole lot of information on what works for ongoing loving relationships.
I believe if you are in a committed relationship, you would want to have a deep connection with this person – therefore, why not make that connection incredible!
How good would a magnetic connection with your partner be?


Amy Color

Amy Color, a Relationship & Intimacy Coach, has some great ways of achieving a special connection with your partner and highlights it in her fun interactive which is attached in the photo link

Amy's key points are

* Lack of intimacy is the most common course of a relationship breakup
* Lack of intimacy people feel lonely, associated and shame
Ways to increase intimacy without using the F word (feelings)
* Mm mm sound with breath - breathing, creating positive brainwaves and frequencies
* Herald Hold - Mm mm breathing with arms still strong cuddle. Initiates grounded emotions, triggers and gives clear instructions to build bodies trust and bond
* Sweet dish- when one wants a little sugar, you put a sweet in the bowl when the other agrees they put in a candy also.
* Connection through the skin on skin, dimples and giggles
* Variety with the same person
* Stay curious about what pleases you, and you will never get bored
* Sex renamed to pleasure
* Pleasure does require an erection
* Erectile challenges affect 40 per cent of men in their 40s, fifty per cent of men in their 50's
* Hardly any women orgasm from penetration anyway - so men have to stop being so hard-on yourselves
What makes a great lover is the ability to read your partner's pleasure and what makes a great partner is your ability to express your desire to your partner
Care for yourselves and each other, explore pleasure in whatever way is right for you

Key take-out -

to have an exciting relationship with your partner, you need to get intimate!


Beth Levine
Adding to this, Everyday Health article by Beth Levine , an award-winning health writer, supports Amy's findings.
Beth's key points are there are different kinds of intimacy -
1. Physical – sharing the same place at the same time and spending quality time together
2. Emotional – sharing thoughts, memories and connecting on a feeling level 3. Sensual - physical touch and pleasure and other ways of physically connecting that does not involve intercourse – hugging, massage,
4. Sexual - intercourse or other forms of sex Intimacy has positive benefits 5. Reduces stress
5. Counters loneliness and reduces the risk of mortality
5. Fuels better sex
For more detailed information read the article attached in Beth's photo link

Key take-out -

intimacy is good for our health!


Lori H Gordon

Lori Gordon, psychotherapist, author and educator writes in Psychology Today, these points on intimacy being the art of relationships

In the article, Lori states that at the heart of intimacy is empathy, understanding and compassion
A positive intimate relationship can involve -
* Words and gestures of love and caring
* Loyalty
* Constance
* Sexual loving
* Companionship
* Agreement
* Encouragement
* Friendship
* Fidelity
* Honesty
* Respect
* Acceptance
Things that cause problems to this positive state can be
* Mind reading
* Assumptions
* Personal history
* Hidden expectations
Stress communications styles that happen
* Placating – yes person. Difficulty expressing anger and holds feeling sin side – prone to depression and loneliness
* Blamer – fault finder – criticises and speaks in generalisations – You never get it right
* Computing – super reasonable, calm and collected although never admits mistakes, and expects people to conform
* Distracting – under stress avoid direct eye contact and straightforward answers. Quick to change the subject – Problem what problem!
If you or your partner are using the above communication styles, please read Lori's article to find out more. Link in Lori's photo above.

Key take-out -

to have an exciting relationship with your partner, you need to get intimate!


Amy has a practical and straightforward philosophy about intimacy.
Beth and Lori have fascinating thoughts that add to the understanding of how powerful intimacy can be within a loving relationship.
Now, think about yourself and how you are dealing with your significant relationship.
Are you craving a more profound way of relating?
What about suggesting you watch Amy's video together and talk about ways you can move forward.
If you would like some assistance with your intimate relationship contact Amy Color 
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