Learn a language that could enhance your connections!

Isn't it great to enjoy connecting with the loved ones in your life?
How can you make your connections even more meaningful...


We have been talking about intimacy, we learnt that affection can be done in so many different ways and that this variety is a great way to improve your significant relationship.

Adding to this, there is a simple language you could learn that could enhance your intimate relationship as well as the other connections in your life. Having this relationship language information in your 'kitty' of knowledge could make your rapport a lot more fun and potentially flow easier!

Additionally, using this language will give you another way to connect with your partner so that they appreciate they are loved.

After thirty years of marriage counselling Gary Chapman, author and radio talk show host, recognised there were five ways people do emotional love.


Gary Chapman

Animated book summary of 5 Love Languages

This concise video overview by Animated Book Summary, in the box below, will give you an idea basic idea of the five love languages.

Animated book's key points are:
•    Words of affirmation: e.g. 'I love you'; 'I love how you look in what you are wearing.'
•    Quality time: giving and receiving of undivided time, e.g. Go on, turn off your phone and be together!
•    Acts of service: do things you know your partner would like you to do, e.g. dishes, doing the vacuuming
•    Physical touch: ask the other person what they like, e.g. holding hand, kissing, intimacy

Love is a choice.  
Choose to love more deeply by discovering your partners love languages.

How do you discover your partner's love language – answer these questions -
o    What does your partner fail to do that causes you the most pain?
o    What have you requested for, or of your partner the most?
o    How do you express love to your partner?

Additionally, you could do the online quiz, and this would give you the answer from the answer you and your partner get back. 

Love languages quiz 7.7.20

To get more detailed information on the five love languages you could explore their website or read the book 

 5 love languages website link 7.7.20


Book 5 love languages 7 v2.7.20 1

The five love languages are intriguing information and can enhance what you learnt through the intimacy newsletter.  Have fun playing with this new knowledge with your partner and whanau (extended family)

I like Gary's practical and straightforward philosophy about love.
Now, think about yourself and how you are dealing with your relationships.
Could this tool make a difference to you?

I also want you to think about what your best self would like to put in place moving forward, around how you are connecting, in a way that makes you happy.

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