Knowing your uniqueness will add to our world!

Explore how asking yourself the right questions can assist you in finding this out…


Caroline McHugh is founder and CEO of Idology and is committed to getting people to being original versions of themselves.

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Caroline has some interesting perspective on how unique each one of us is and how to ask questions to grow who you are…

Key Points Caroline makes are -

1.    Don't Flatter Yourself  - Specifically, don't flatter your ego. You aren't your ego. You're much bigger than that.

2.    Don't Be Like Anyone Else. Live in your rightful Queendom/Kingdom.

"Now your job is to not to be anything like any of the people that I put up behind me. In fact, your job is to be as unlike them as you can possibly be." Caroline McHugh

3.    Don't look at yourself - … Look for yourself. It takes courage to honestly face yourself and be completely truthful with your imperfections and everything else.

"Your only job while you're here on this planet is to be as good at being you as they are at being them. That's the deal." Caroline McHugh

How she gets to her keys points  -

Look in a True Mirror - In a Regular mirror, we look for reassurance In a True Mirror – we look for yourself - a revelation A true mirror is two special ‘front-surface’ mirrors and joining them at exactly 90 degrees to form a seamless, three-dimensional, non-reversed image.

True Mirrors

Remarkable individuals have nothing in common - These individuals use the unique gifts that they have been given and put them at the surface of their goals. When people show their true self, it can make them feel larger than life! Being their "I" makes them shine, gleam and glow to others.

Most of us don't take up space in the world that we would if our true self shined through every day. We need to do our job, which is to be good at being ourselves.

Two places we are fantastic at being ourselves is -

- Wrinkly - can't be bothered - more summers are behind than before you.  Therefore you choose to become your authentic self

- Kids - delighted to be themselves until about 5 to 8 years old As Caroline states and I agree - “You are important in this universe.”

Therefore, be receptive and open to new situations, as you never know how far you can go… Keep exploring and learning to accept and embrace your unique self daily.

Caroline's thoughts on being yourself make one want to embrace the five your old self or the fewer summers left person so that you can fully engage in the now.

Caroline's idea of looking in a true mirror and loving what you see, again reminds us that there is only one of each of us, so why not embrace that you-ness!

Now, as you think about yourself and your you-ness, here are some questions I would suggest you ask yourself -

What would happen if you loved yourself with your whole heart?

How would it be if you made one outcome to embrace more of who you are fully and completely?

What would happen if you practised self-love daily?

How would your five-year-old self do this day, this week?

What if you take some steps to embrace you more?

Additionally, why not think about what your best self would like to put in place moving forward, around the uniqueness that is truly you, in a way that makes you happy...

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