Eating Habits and Lockdown - Did you say cake?

Have you noticed that your eating has changed over the lockdown period?

Many people have shared with me how they are eating more or differently over the lockdown period, and for the most time, they can feel their comfy pants getting a bit smaller. So they came to me asking me how to deal with lockdown and their new eating habits.

It’s well-known that stress makes people do different things, and food is often used as a comfort. Hello, emotional eating. The truth is: We all have used food as comfort since we were born. Food has been used as comfort since we were babies! Think about it, from when you were born food you have been given to you to soothe and comfort. Therefore, it is not surprising that people have turned to food at this strange and interesting time of change and unknowns moving forward. Turning into some sort of comfort mechanism at times of anxiety is how most people deal with a stressful time.

Like the Vietnam soldiers that turned to drugs in wartime. For some of the soldiers that returned home to ‘normal’ lifestyle, they did not require the drugs any more. For another group, though the drugs had become their comfort and they now required them to self- soothe in the way that had become a habit.

To look deeper into this read Unlike drugs, though we cannot go without food fully when we get back to the ‘new normal’ coming out of lockdown. What we will need to do is to get back into a healthy way of eating, changing the bad habits you have created around food during the lockdown and engage in regular exercise.

This YouTube, by Niki Bezzant, gives some great insights on how to do simple healthy eating and reduce the confusion around healthy eating

Here is what she shares in a nutshell:

1. We need food to survive, and therefore it is important.

2. There are lots of different ways to eat to stay healthy. It is better for us to eat a little bit of everything and not too much of anything.

3. Eat fresh whole good food - the nutrients will take care of themselves.

4. Food is about pleasure. Treats are not an everyday food. When we choose to have treats, eat them moderately.

5. Eat your veges. Look at the ideal plate where the half plate is veges and other half is protein and carbs in every meal.

6. Cook healthy food as much as you can. When you cook, you take direct control over what makes your body happy.

I like Niki’s sensible and simple philosophy around food. Now, think about yourself and how you are dealing with the lockdown and your relationship with food. Are you still craving unhealthy food?

I also want you to think about what your best self would like to put in place moving forward, around how you are eating in a way that makes you happy. You might need some assistance and I have techniques in this area that can support you. Contact me by replying to this email or give me a call. carynradburn

I look forward to hearing from you ☺

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