Module Two: Certified NLP Practitioner Training for Excellence

This module will learn the most up-to-date and current NLP methodology; it works at a pure process of blowing out problem states through state optimisation.

You will have step-by-step formats and strategies for dealing with the most problematic situations. Creating excellence will be part of your skill base, which you can add into all areas of your life.

Learning points

  • State erasers – formats for wiping clean historic states which carry fear, anxiety and stress
  • State optimisers - a key element high performance to be natural
  • Working with the unconscious mind – setting up a robust communication system between conscious and unconscious parts of the mind to ecologically harness previously offline resources
  • Working with extreme unwanted states, which come so quickly, a person loses control or build incrementally.
  • The Coaching Protocol to work at the levels of problem construction, leveraging resources, and setting up an exciting future
  • Utilising non-verbal communication, provocation, misdirection, tasking, active metaphors and other specialist communication

Module two Certified NLP Practitioner is professional development training and an inspiring personal and programme packed with information, insights and practical techniques and is recognised by the Association for NLP.

Over a total of 18 days in two nine-day spans, you will be giving yourself a thorough makeover in how you think, feel, act, and communicate

And because you are learning to improve how you think, feel, act and communicate, there really are no limits to where you can apply the skills

  • Managing & Leading
  • Running your own business
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Motivating and influencing
  • Training and coaching
  • Having great relationships
  • Improving how you live your life.

As in NLP Core Skills, you learn-by-doing.  You first apply what you learn in your own life - so you benefit from it and so that you will be more skilful and congruent in how you use the methods with others.

During the course, you will be part of a 'coaching group' with two or three others in which you explore practical applications for what you learn and fine-tune your skills.


And after the course...

I don't forget about you: you can continue your NLP learning and development with our free after course support:

  • Email Quick Tips: delivered to your inbox every other day for eight weeks - just 10 minutes a day to wire in what you have learned on the course
  • Part of a closed NLP facebook group where questions and learnings can be shared with like-minded people
  • Opportunity to join the online monthly refresher to have more tips and techniques at a discounted rate

Come along and learn the most powerful tools in our world for changes. You can do this nine-day intensive NLP course which will help you integrate into your life the powerful models that make NLP work in settings as diverse as education, business, sports, health care, counselling, and personal development.

 Module One and Two Training Includes

  • Eighteen days Days of profound training.
  • Pre-study material for your interest.
  • Online support/access to the Insight NLP family
  • Hypnosis sessions you can do with yourself and with clients.
  • Personal breakthroughs during the training.
  • Comprehensive Training manual
  • Testing of the information learned for your certification.
  • Best of all, knowledge that you can actually understand and use today and forever.

Each training day will run from 9 am until 5 pm with a one-hour lunch period, plus morning and afternoon tea.

Training will be held in Gisborne, with venue details given when you have secured your spot.

Upon completing both modules of this training, you will have completed an 18-day training and received a certified NLP practitioner certification according to certification standards of INHNLP and NZANLP.

Additionally,  you will be fully equipped and confident to go out into the world and start creating the life you desire and deserve.

This training is only for people who are really wanting to learn the most powerful tools in our world to create ongoing positive change.




If you would like to put your name on the course waiting list please contact Caryn


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